Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Howdy folks! Boy that sounds corny. If you're reading this post on, I am moving this weblog to my own server with a more 'appropriate' domain name-- And I've shortened the name from The xagronaut Chronicle to Xagronaut.

I apologize for any possible mistakes I might make during this process. I have seen at least one article with tips on the process, but I'm afraid I haven't followed all of the advice. I appreciate everyone who reads this weblog, and I hope you will migrate all of your links to my new address.


Still to do:

  • Redirect RSS feeds
  • Investigate a conditional redirect from my pages at the Radio UserLand community servers to my new location--should I use some kind of conditional UserTalk script in my template, or maybe some JavaScript based on the window.document.location.domain?
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