Tuesday, October 28, 2003

My depression about no traffic seems to have been brought on by me, unwittingly of course. It seems that during my site customization, I removed the Radio UserLand web bug that is used to track referers. I could be getting a thousand hits a day (not) and be unaware. Doh! I found this at Roland's wonderful blog, while searching for a way to script Radio UserLand using VBScript.

Those articles led me to a few more that give a pretty thorough explanation. I found another blurb from Dave Winer a long time ago that might hold the key.

I will have to try this out.

Here are some details on how the COM interface works. The link was down when I check it, but the Google cache version was available.

There are some great glue possibilities that have already been discussed at UserLand, including publishing Excel data and LDAP integration.

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