Sunday, October 26, 2003

Based on some technical goodies (namely a Radio database path) from Roland Tanglao's weblog more than a year ago, I was able to discover some database entries that contain cached settings from the magic #upstream.xml files. Strangely enough, the backup file I had made (you're supposed to do that, right?) was an entry in the table. I don't know if that's because I kept the same base filename, but added an additional chunk to the exension (#upstream.xml.bak). Even so, the changes I had made to my regular #upstream.xml did not actually affect any system response until I actually deleted both entries in the database (regular and backup) AND removed the .bak file from the www folder. I almost wonder if Radio even detects file renaming. It seems to pick up pretty well on every other file event that wanders through the upstream folder.

Shew! OK, now Radio's going hog wild upstreaming files like it never had a problem to begin with. [Raspberry sound!]

Thanks, Roland. I know you've long since moved on to cooler topics, but archives are occasionally VERY handy.

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