Diluted self-esteem?

Drat!  I’ve been lurking over my Radio Userland referrer list, eagerly awaiting my first inbound link.  But really, have I said anything of consequence yet?  Don’t know.  The technorati site is neat though, and may be my next means of diluting my self-esteem (“Gee, still no links”).  I wasn’t popular in high school–why should I care now?

Ah, but wait, I just used the correct URL in the query box (my mistake) and received one entry!  But, alas, it seems to be another “hey, this site was just updated ” link.  Oh, well.  I’ll just wait for some manufactured serendipity and keep blogging for my own sake.

Missions-funding real estate referral service

I was revisiting all of my printed web pages (they pile up after a while!).  I have been disposing of the paper by saving the web pages (when I can still find them) as Web Archive files (*.MHT) (You should really consider using this format for archiving your web pages if you use Internet Explorer).

Anyway, I ran across an excellent example of the XAG principle at work.  Spirit and Homes is a real estate referral service that uses participating real estate professionals to buy or sell your home.  Part of the agent’s commission is donated to missions work.  This effort is affiliated with Project Referral and represents another normally commercial venture modified slightly to fuel the work of the Kingdom.  More information is available in a FAQ document on the Spirit and Homes website.

Christian Coders Network

Although it appears to cover more than Christian game programming, the Christian Coders Network site contains information about writing Christian games.

The whole genre always puzzled me.  How do you write entertaining games without pandering the same sex and violence that mainstream games offer?  Where’s the captivating concept, the heroic implementor, the effective distribution network, the proper motive, and the desired result?  I hope that there is indeed room for relevant games with Christian themes in today’s world.  I hope that there are those out there with the talents that God can use on such works.

Even though older generations may not understand or appreciate the importance of video games to today’s youth, there is still a need to explore this arena.  I hope to make this a subject of some research in the future.

Something about the Static

Goodbye Slashdot.  It was fun.  I’m puzzled over whether I should mourn the loss of such a cool news feed.  Right now, though, I’m freeing up room for some compelling content.  Much more worth my time.  Sam Ruby‘s on the bubble too.  Validate this and that.  Blah, blah, blah.  I like you Sam, but you haven’t really been passing the relevance test for me.  It’s not your fault.  It’s your blog, isn’t it?


Textile is getting pretty close to what I had hoped it would be: a place to simply write and not think much about code, and get valid markup in the bargain. ” [Textism]

Here is an interesting tool that seems useful enough for simple online publishing.  However, it seems (though likely very easy, I’m sure) to have yet-another-special-syntax-to-learn.  Bah!  Well, I’m recording it for what it’s worth and I hope to come back and learn more about it!