Monday, May 30, 2005

I tried to leave this comment on the Loving Change weblog, but it doesn't allow anonymous comments, and I wasn't about to sign up for Blogger just to leave a comment.

So here's what I would have written to my friend Neil Cox of from Indianapolis about RSS on his weblog:


Your weblog does not support RSS. It only supports Atom. Unfortunately, there is indeed a difference.

I run a website for Paul Hoy of Halftime in Columbus. We use Drupal as the site platform. Drupal produces and consumes RSS, but it does not yet consume Atom. I was bummed, because I wanted to include your site in the feeds that I syndicate to the Halftime team.

Your icons ( and ) say RSS, but the feed on your weblog is an Atom feed. And, sadly for both of us, there is a difference.

Your friend,


Neil, if you read this, I'm not trying to be critical. I wish Blogger would provide RSS 2.0, but they decided not to. "Them's the breaks," I guess.

For anyone interested, try searching Google for the "RSS Atom difference."

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