Thursday, November 06, 2003

Well, here it is. I deleted my listing from the techblogs category at blogs4God. Now, that's not to say that somehow, I'm unsatisfied with b4g or anything. I'm not storming off in a huff as some bloggers there have done when engaging in heated debates about touchy issues.


I deleted my listing because I am moving my weblog. A couple of considerations here:

1.) New site, slightly different name. 2.) An excuse to relist instead of edit my existing entry, which by default, would make my weblog (new and improved) appear near second on the list. Dean sorts the list by uptime as the default. Now, his Heal Your Church Website weblog (very excellent by the way) is always listed first in the tech blogs category regardless of sort criteria selected. I know that's Dean's brand of shameless self-promotion. He's always been much better at it than I have. My brand of self-promotion is always bashful and hesitant--never gets the results you would hope for, believe me!

Now, I'm sure Dean has a decent memory. He's invited me to guest blog a TechnoCache at b4g if I so desire. He's even responded to one of my challenging posts about his blogosphere status. I fear, however, that I have annoyed him with my pedantics, and generally cried wolf one too many times. And then I did the worst thing possible. I had a dry posting spell. Yep, we're talking about slim pickin's for months at a time.

I'm sure Dean should understand. After he's the first person I "heard" (read) say, "Life always trumps blogging." He even enlightened me about my idealistic call for collaboration by pointing out the 80/20 principle at work in the church world. Or is it 20/80 in this case? Whatever. Still, it is wise to consider those thoughts.

Well, real life has trumped my blogging for a while, but now I am making strides. No, that's not the same as making promises, so don't (foolishly) think that I am.

I'm just a little puzzled. Does Dean realize that I've deleted myself and re-added myself. Does he believe this is some kind of ploy not worth acknowledging or responding to, even if just to add my link back into the game. Heck, I thought he might have even gotten a little annoyed and bothered with putting my weblog back in it's original position just for spite. But then again, he's got real life to deal with. I'm kidding myself.

I've checked the techblogs category for some time now, a week or more even. Still nothing. Did I mess up the submission process? Hmmm... Well, no bother. I'll continue to make strides. I'm beginning to attempt to care less than I used to about what people think of this weblog. I figure if I want people to visit, then I should post more frequently, have something interesting to say (to the right audience), and spread my copious links to more famous bloggers until I run out of "celebrities" to annoy.

I do have a new resolve. And that is to re-acquaint myself with the folks in techblogs. There are plenty of newcomers and recent additions. Maybe there are some folks much more worthy of an honorable mention (well, not exactly) in the Bloggie awards than I could ever hope to be. And those folks do indeed need to be recognized. I say, if you have a gift, use it. I also say, if someone else has a gift, help them use their gift too. Credit where credit is due, right?

God is working all things together for my good, and I love Him. And I know that he will be faithful to complete the work that he has started in me.

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If you don't have access to your weblog editing interface, Radio Userland lets you post via a special email address. This is great, but if you make a mistake in your use of HTML tags in the email post, you have no way to recall it and repair. So if anyone wondered why just about my entire post from yesterday was underlined, that's what happens when you use an opening tag to close an already open tag. (<u>Something<u> doesn't have quite the same effect as <u>something</u>)

Oops. But I couldn't correct it until I got home from work. And Radio Userland was crapping out on the remote web server side yesterday :-( Had to restart it (Radio, not Windows) this morning.

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